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The procedure lasted an hour and recovery took a week or two.

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As a result, where possible I would wash twice a day.

I noticed while living in Europe (where circumcision is in the minority), that many men would have a strong odour, like the one I was familiar with, in winter.

Despite morning showers, by the afternoon my penis would start to develop a slight odour, not strong, and not noticeable to others, but noticeable to me.

If I missed a shower, say because I was camping, the odour grew stronger, and in cases such as these smegma would start to build up under the foreskin rather quickly.

The stories that have been relayed from other men verbally who were circumcised as adults are very similar to these. I would like to congratulate you on your excellent website.

It's nice to see the circumcision issue presented in a neutral and informative fashion.

It was not until my present partner, and wife, did I hear a woman say that she did not like the idea of a foreskin.

I began to think about circumcision after an experiment an earlier partner and I tried for fun.

I was aware that I did not look like most of my class mates, but I must admit it was never too much of an issue.

It was not until my teens that I noticed that my penis would develop an 'smell', to put it one way.

I would also like to thank you in the advice offered last year, as discussed below, you will see that it has led to a successful solution.

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