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The Fennec fox has weak dentition, a very rare condition in a wild species. We simply do not know what delightful little creature dances in the shadow of the Chihuahua. Scientists said it couldn’t be done but American farmers crossed a horse with an ass and thank goodness the mule was there to drag our plows and artillery!Chi Chi owners attribute the breed's poor dentition to the foreshortened muzzle. Nowadays, just because we can, we cross a Tiger with a Lion, a Zebra with a donkey, etc.Naturalists theorize that the oversized ears serve as shade during the rare times the nocturnal fennec is exposed to sunlight.

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The fennec fox was in fact, successfully crossed with the Chihuahua in the 1980s.

The result was a less nocturnal, more social and thus, more marketable "fox".

With his oversized ears, the Chihuahua is every bit as appealing as the fennec fox which sadly, is now on Appendix Two of the Cites list.

The Chihuahua’s large eye is quite different from any other big-eyed breeds but characteristic of desert dwellers such as the Arabian horse.

A popular little dog that doesn't require much exercise, the Chihuahua is the ultimate lap dog.

Both the short-haired and more temperature-resistant long-haired variety offer humor, comfort and companionship.

The Chihuahua has determination to survive out there.

Given opportunity, the Chihuahua seeks precisely the same food as does the fennec fox; vegetation, little rodents, lizards, and insects.

Hairless-type dogs have long, round, whippy tails whereas the Chihuahua has a flattened, stiff, furry tail and the long claw-like feet of the early Chihuahua are not seen in any other breed.

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