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WASHINGTON — It’s a double cosmic conundrum: Lots of stuff that was already invisible has gone missing.Astronomers have found a distant galaxy where there is no dark matter.

“This is a weird galaxy.” Van Dokkum studies diffuse galaxies, ones that cover enormous areas but have relatively few stars.

To look for them he and colleagues built their own makeshift telescope out of 48 telephoto lenses.

It’s as big as the Milky Way but with only 1 percent of its stars.

Then they used larger telescopes on Hawaii and eventually the Hubble Space Telescope to study the galaxy.

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That’s about how fast they would move if there were no dark matter at all, van Dokkum said.

The team also calculated the total mass of the galaxy and found the stars account for everything, with little or no room left for dark matter.

Dark matter is called “dark” because it can’t be seen.

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