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Asia is largely confined to the northern hemisphere.

The Atlantic occupies a larger space than is usual.

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By so doing, however, they found themselves reducing the vast extent of the Sahara almost to a vanishing point.

Thus, in the Later draftsmen, in order to escape the embarrassment caused by indicating the great trans-Saharan caravan routes within these narrow limits, began to speculate on the course of the African coast, south of Bojador.

By general agreement it was made to tend south-south-east.

Speculation of this sort did at least have the merit of enabling the mapmaker to draw the Sahara with greater accuracy.

Unlike many medieval scholars the draftsmen of Majorca showed a praiseworthy restraint in this respect.

Thus we may look almost in vain for those fanciful creatures with which the cosmographers of that age filled their empty continents.This aggravated the cartographer’s task very considerably for it meant that he was continually being faced with the problem of choosing between scanty and often poorly substantiated fact on the one hand, and plausible and often well-attested theory on the other.It is a tribute to the integrity of these men that their work contains so much that subsequent investigation has proved true.A thin canal across its narrow waist implies a passage between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.The southern landmass, which may be intended for a separate continent, has no place-names or pictures, demonstrating remarkable restraint on the part of the artist.To help personalise content, tailor and measure ads and provide a safer experience, we use cookies.

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