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After 6 months we became engaged, and today, a year to the day we first were in contact, you are doing me the honour of becoming my wife ...

The point is, we need to challenge one another to more readily and more frequently RECOMMEND our friends in dating. They really and truly might think it is just a friend hand. this is about caring about the other person’s heart!

Instead, it’s time to get intentional [ahhh I just love this word.]. So, let’s embrace the uncomfortable and learn to love one another better by communicating what is on our hearts in grace and love.

*yes, get excited* Let’s get one thing clear from my end. Okay so now that we have established that dating in community is an” ” way of meeting someone… We rave to our friends about the new, life changing books we are reading.

HOW in the world is this done without getting all sorts of complicated? We do this so often when it comes to other life stuff. BUT YET, I think we sometimes fail to focus on the power of recommendations within the DATING sphere. We need to get to an even better place of being very thoughtful and generous with our recommendations.

The beauty about dating within your community of friends or church is that…

you have incredible people that know both of you who can help provide wise input and direction!

Three weeks ago I met some in person and have never laughed so much or felt so supported in my life. A year ago today, out of the blue you sent me an inbox complimenting me on my person and I walked around on cloud 9 for the day thinking wow, someone understands what I'm about.

Two months later, you came across the world to see me for three weeks, a month after that you moved your life to be with my family.

If you have already gone through the process of consulting your friends in community and wise mentors… and you feel certain that you only want friendship with the other person…

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