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The news that King Salman of Saudi Arabia has issued a royal decree finally giving women in the conservative Kingdom the right to drive was met with celebration both inside the country and across the globe.

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More and more people choose to live alone as modern work patterns and financial independence enable them to choose the lifestyle they want.

When moving to a new country, your circumstances might mean you are making the move alone.

At this point, your suspicions should immediately be aroused.

Giving money to someone you haven’t even met is almost always foolish.

Nearly a third of Saudi Arabia’s people are foreign nationals, meaning that, if you need the familiarity, finding someone from your home country may be quite easy.

If you are interested in finding new friends or loved ones in Saudi Arabia, you may face unfamiliar difficulties.

‘Related’ in this case means being married to each other, siblings, parent or child, grandparent or grandchild, or aunt, uncle, nephew or niece.

A great way to meet people and find a way around these restrictions is by using online dating.

Each site will specialise in providing services for different types of people depending on what their preferences are.

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