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"I hardly thought about it when she asked the question," Fran says now."You believe something all your life and when the time comes to stand up for it, you have to. "But her "yes" answer cracked open a door that few, if any, white women have passed through in Mississippi.

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"My family has been supportive from the beginning, everyone has." Then she frowns.

"Well there was one bad experience, with a neighbor.

For the girls it meant we would no longer abide social constrictions when it came to our productive lives, or reproductive lives.

We came of age during the Vietnam and Civil Rights eras; we fought our way out of the boxes our mothers and grandmothers had endured; we changed society.

She was single as well, and in her mid-40s, and it seemed like her only choice was to suck it up and count her other blessings.

But never one to give up, she called an adoption agency, even though she was afraid of adoption, afraid of waiting years and being disappointed, sure her age and marital status would immediately disqualify her.

The program’s intentional curriculum places an emphasis on developing competence, confidence, connection, character, caring, and contribution in young girls through lessons that incorporate running and other physical activities.

Throughout the course of the ten-week program, girls learn critical life skills including managing emotions, resolving conflict, helping others and making intentional decisions.

Girls on the Run Senior Vice President of Mission Advancement Heather Pressley addresses a few of the issues.

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