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You don't need to do life coaching to work out what you want. Meditate and contemplate - who is that person you need? Or, conversely, if you are dating some who makes you want to fall asleep, stop kidding yourself. Let's break it down now: You have approximately 8 ways to meet people in Wellington: Obviously, this is a bit tongue in cheek.

You just need to turn your mind to it for more than 5 seconds. You don't HAVE to shag everyone to work out if you like them.

Do you mind if I write about dating and tell people we met on Tinder?

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Being a cool girl/guy means you drink beer with the rest of them, make jokes to seem witty and hilarious, never make him feel stink if they lets you down and accept blithely the 'Oh but we were just friends' line. Not once did I stop to think about how I felt when I was around them, or paying attention to my gut. I took it as a personal development challenge - to get to know myself and my needs better by dating other people (and I mean just and ONLY dating).

THIS IS NOT OK and is something I thought would make my life better for years. I thought I just couldn't seem to meet the right person in Wellington because the city was too small. Besides the basic "am I repulsed by them" distinction, I would become so seduced by the idea of being in a relationship that I'd ignore whether they were up to my own standards. When you are focused on portraying the best side of yourself to impress them rather than actually just being your lovely natural self because you think its not This led to several ill-fated romances where I ended up being let down by people who were frankly below me, to begin with. Let's cut to the chase: Wellington a small place to date.

Some are seeking safety and comfort; others romantic excitement; others courtship, and a whole heap of people just want a shag and then see their friends for Sunday morning conquest brunch (which often thenleads to the complex and dismal 'friends with benefits' drama but let's not go there RN). Immediately before I got back into the dating scene, I actually did a 3-month life coaching course. My coach turned the discussion to that dreaded topic - my love life.

I'd been single for 2.5 years after my first dire relationship with a guy who I thought would be a good partner me because we shared similar taste in music. The main thing I struggled with in my earlier twenties was I thought I was a 'cool girl' (which equally applies to guys, actually).

A spokeswoman said it was unlike anything screened on the channel before.

"We feel that is revealing and made to be entertaining.

And, I'm hoping - without making your all vomit a little bit into your mouths - that we're living happily ever after from here on in.

The main issue with dating in Wellington is that we all seem to have such disparate motivations.

, which sees potential love interests introduced by gradually stripping bare in completely uncensored footage.

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