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The default setting restricts OAB distribution to the OAB virtual directories on the server that holds the OAB's organization mailbox.

However, the Client Access services on Mailbox server can proxy incoming OAB download requests to the correct location.

You can configure which address lists are included in an OAB, access to specific OABs, how frequently the OABs are generated, and where the OABs are distributed from.

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The Autodiscover service advertises the OAB URLs that you've configured.

Autodiscover is supported by all versions of Outlook and virtually all mobile devices that are currently by Exchange.

Therefore, we recommend that you configure all OAB virtual directories to accept requests to download the OAB.

For instructions, see Use the Exchange Management Shell to configure any virtual directory in the organization to accept download requests for the OAB.

Here's a summary of the OAB distribution process: If a shadow copy of the OAB exists in an organization mailbox in the local Active Directory site (the site where the user is connecting from), then a local Mailbox server is used to download the OAB.

However, synchronization of the shadow copy between organization mailboxes is performed on-demand.

This virtual directory is automatically created when you install Exchange, and is configured to service internal clients at the URL ).

You'll need to manually configure the external URL that's used to distribute OABs to external clients. In the properties of the OAB, you can configure the OAB virtual directories that are available to distribute the OAB to clients.

The OAB files are copied from the organization mailbox to for retrieval by clients.

Clients never connect directly to this backend location.

By default, this organization mailbox is responsible for generating all OABs (the first OAB named Default Offline Address Book, and any new OABs that you create).

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