Railroad dating tie spikes

It was measured in the pounding of her heart, as she awaited that which only her Master knew.

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Railroad dating tie spikes

He begged Me to reconsider my decision, but I thanked him and remained steadfast, stating that in all probability, I would just go home and punish you for causing Me to miss his party.

"Being the good friend that he is, he suggested and compromise.

Once she was completely naked, she pulled open a drawer in the back of the closet and took her slave collar out, fastening it snuggly around her smooth throat.

She then closed the drawer and the closet door, and walking back in front of the desk, she knelt down, with her head bowed, her eyes closed, her arms folded behind her back, hands clasping her elbows, her knees and mouth open, and she waited once again For Nicole, time wasn't measured in seconds, or even minutes.

The secretary's desk was massive, but plain, and stood as a highly polished sentinel to the private inner office.

It was also devoid of the normal trappings one would expect to find.

You and I could attend his affair, but we could use it as a vehicle for your punishment.

He feels that seeing the eight other couples view your punishment would be quite enjoyable for him.

She had to know, or at least have an idea as to why this raven headed beauty would sit here in a full length black leather trench coat, so quickly after she placed the telephone call. After all, it was past in the afternoon on a beautiful Saturday in August. Why did her eyes always look away whenever Nicole looked up?

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