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Two Black women minding their own business & not in competition with each other.

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The scandal surrounding a German bishop's lavish spending continues to grow in Germany, as Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst awaits an audience with the pope in Rome.

German editorialists say the affair could be a turning point for the Catholic Church here.

We must never forget the victims & ensure such horrors will never happen again. He is a damn intelligent man who shows no signs of being a Tory and would've been a great ally to the Labour movement if not for the haters. The fact is a section of the public, who are rightfully upset at the IDF's crimes in Gaza, they are taking out their anger on Jews like David Baddiel (@Baddiel). Z thread on the casualisation of academic work//shaming & not shaming: in 2011, when i was finishing my Ph D, i was interviewed for a good academic job at a good university in london. And with the possibility of a far bigger massacre in Gaza soon, being a Jew in the UK is about to get very tough All those people who say they are not Anti-Semitic but only Anti-Zionist, they seem to really hate David Baddiel (@Baddiel) .

It is a Native American variety called I believe ' Glass Gem Corn' and yes it really does grow like that.

I can't stop admiring it :) ZQKPWVa Misogynoir is creating dichotomies that put two Black women against each other via “wifey type” vs “non wifey type”.

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