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The High Tea Crochet Quilt is baby blanket size, approx 44″ x 44″. Continue reading Not too long ago, I was reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and was struck by her writing on the nature of ideas.She believes that ideas are alive and they they can jump from soul to soul in order to find the most efficient route to earth.

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I want a THICK layer of shortbread and a THICK layer of custard.

If you do make these in a 9×13, make sure you lower the baking times.

I love to combine the best of both traditional and modern techniques into fun projects that will be treasured for years to come.

The other day I casually mentioned to my friend Tawna that I made gluten free lemon bars. ” she said, “I’ve never had a lemon bar.” And then my brain EXPLODED. She (again, so casually) mentioned that she’d never had a doughnut. Although really I should just go to Sarah from Snixy Kitchen. A bunch of other bloggers and I are throwing a virtual baby shower for her today!! She also happens to be one of the most gifted photographers I know and even does food styling for the NY Times. I was at her house the other day and she showed me all the clothes that her mom has sewn for the baby.

So probably none of you will care, but for my own sake, here is the link to the original post, where you can read a story about the time I dropped my kid’s lunch on these lemon bars halfway through making them. wait..) I will keep one of my old photos up though. *pinches cheek of former self* A few notes about the recipe: 1) you MUST make these in a 2-quart, 8×11 inch pan if you want the crust-to-custard ratio you see in the photos.

It will definitely work in a 9×13 but the layers will be thinner, which in my opinion, ruins the lemon bars.We brought a picnic lunch and spent all of the late morning/early afternoon at Roozen Gaarde. There we rows upon rows of red, purple, and yellow tulips; and fields of daffodils, too. Continue reading One of my favorite parts of quilting is the gathering of fabric. I spot a collection or a fat quarter bundle that I love and a quilt idea is born.Other times the fabric comes together slowly, a fabric or two at a time. If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life, it would be this recipe for lemon bars, no lie. I saw her again last weekend at a church breakfast event where I was loading up on doughnuts. Today I’m sharing this Lemon Bar recipe just for Sarah and her little #cheesebabygirl. ) Sarah and I met at a blogging conference a couple years ago and since then she has literally saved my blog from the jaws of technical difficulties on a number of occasions. If in some sick world I really did have to choose, I would flip a coin between these lemon bars and The Best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had.) Tawna can’t eat gluten.(I’m also playing the piano for a school musical this week, so I’ve only had a few nap times to spare.) I …

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