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An only child, Kelly was born in Los Angeles but grew up in New Mexico.Her father is guitarist Rick Dufay; her mother (who died in 2008) was Maureen Kelly, a Vegas showgirl. I was really mad at him for leaving.” At 19, however, she moved to California “not to pursue acting but to get out of Albuquerque,” she told Men’s Health, and her dad offered her a place to stay.

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The romance with Jeter started in LA, an acquaintance of hers tells us. Jeter saw her at a restaurant in LA, he was having lunch with his agent, noticed her, and that’s how it started.” Apparently, Jeter kept sending her roses until she finally gave in.

Now, “they almost complete each other’s sentences,” one entertainment insider tells The Post.

The beauty wore a striped, button down shirt, tied at her stomach, complete with rolled sleeves.'It was the first pilot that I auditioned for!

I was working as a nurse at the time and I remember my agent saying they had an audition for me for this Friday Night Lights, and I’d seen the movie, and I was like, ‘Why?

While he has a loyal legion of fans, that doesn’t include many film critics, and although his work is often ripped apart, he continuously gives his all to every role and expands his horizons.

He has now been a star for over a decade thanks to his success as Tim Riggins on , yet he remains one of the most fiercely private actors in the industry.“I was homeless in New York for a awhile, and then I went to L.A., where I lived in my car,” he once stated about the time.In a 2007 LA Times interview about Kelly, “Friday Night Lights” creator and show-runner Peter Berg described her appeal: “Minka is very hard to characterize as being sweet and wholesome or sultry and mildly diabolical. I wish them luck, I think she’s beautiful.” – Francesca Mc Elrath, 23, Manhattan “I had no idea he was dating anybody.You feel like she can be your friend, but you also feel if you’re not really careful, there’s the tiny, teeny, little chance that she’ll walk off with your boyfriend.” If there’s one thing everyone agrees upon, however, it’s that Jeter and Kelly appear to be head-over-heels for each other. “Just because she’s not all in the media doesn’t mean she’s being obnoxious or mean. I hope it works out; it’s hard in the spotlight.” – Jodi Bailey, 31, Manhattan “He could do better.The source has seen both Kelly and Jeter with other partners in the past, and calls this the best match for both.

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